November Astro

Oh my goodness, I wrote a thing.

I mean, it’s happened in little doses, but definitely not anything worth publishing HERE.

So this article got posted on my Patreon, but I’m putting it here, too. Maybe my Mercury is working again? TBD! ❤

Ok. So, let’s talk about the astro of this month. 

Here’s what I’m focusing on:
That New Moon on the 4th
11.5: Venus moving into Cappy; Mercury into Scorpy
11.10: Mars squaring Saturn (this one is important); Mercury conjunct Mars
11.17: Mars opposing Uranus (also important)
11.19: Full Moon Lunar eclipse (well… also important)
11.21: Sun moving into Sag, cuz it’ll lighten it all up a bit? Question mark?
11.24: Mercury into Sag (see above?)

As I said at the beginning of the 2021, anytime Mars enters a fixed sign this year, and really through 2022, we will see and/or experience an amplification of tension and crucible-like energy. This is because of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square in Aquarius/Taurus. So far we’ve seen an insurrection, frozen Texas with its associated human costs, tremendous heat waves, and more. 

We are all immersed in this energy this year, and you can see many more examples of it at the collective level. Folks with personal planets in the fixed signs will be feeling it more, and folks with personal planets between like 7-15 fixed will likely feel it the most. Next year that degree range will switch to about 15-25 fixed. 

Part of this is just the nature of a square: two forces working at cross purposes with each other. Squares require adjustments.

Part of this is that we’re dealing with a square in fixed signs. Fixed signs want to demonstrate what they KNOW. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all fixed and tend to be, you might have noticed, quite stubborn in their own ways. They don’t necessarily want to adjust, they want to display. 

If I were to think about Fixed signs having temper tantrums, just for the sake of clarifying their specific styles of stubbornness, it might sound something like this:

Taurus: “NO! That thing is MINE and you cannot make me give it to you! And I DON’T EVEN CARE THAT I CAN’t USE IT ANYMORE!!” or ” These traditions exist for a reason and you will get me to change them OVER MY DEAD BODY!”

Leo: “But you hurt me and I WILL NEVER LET IT GO” (actually, that could be scorpio too) or “No, I will NOT change my hairstyle EVER and YOU CANNOT MAKE ME!”

Scorpio: “But I know what you are ACTUALLY feeling and I will not drop it until you ADMIT IT!” or, just… being obsessed with something.

Aquarius: “I’m not stubborn! I just know when I’m right!!!” (hello. I say this. It’s true.)

But I digress.

Part of reason for the intensity is that we’re dealing with Uranus — the changemaker, rebellion-former, liberation-enducer, breakdown thruster;  and Saturn — the taskmaster, statusquo-maintainer, limitation-lover, constriction-fiending sky daddy. 

And a big part of this is that we live in a world that relies on systems of connection — Capitalism, Consumption and hyper-focus on Economics, mainly — that require constant destruction and implicit, fixed and inherently oppressive power dynamics. These systems are not sustainable (there’s a Saturn word for ya) and they have to go. The astrology of the last decade has been a build up to their breakdown.

Saturn wants order. Uranus wants to break shit up. 

Now, another digression to remind you that the planets don’t cause things to happen. I’m sorry I use language like that. It’s poor form, and a habit I should break. But they do reflect what’s going on. By looking at what’s happened at the collective level and in our own lives during the  Martially-accentuated tense moments of this square in Jan/Feb and Jun/July, we can anticipate patterns and themes for this month and next. The last exact Saturn-Uranus hit is December 24 (although they remain in a tight orb through 2022 and, so sorry, next year’s astrology is back to 2020 levels of intensity, particularly if you live in the United States). 

When we recognize that the planets don’t cause things to happen, we’re better able to use them as a means for SEEING what’s happening, and then taking action. 

New Moon Vibes

The November 4 New Moon is/was just a thing to behold. Could you feel it? The chart is kickin’, and that energy will be with us through the lunar cycle. We had:

Sun and Moon in a conjunction (wide, but closing in) with Mars, and in a square with Saturn and in an opposition with Uranus

A Scorpio New Moon is always a time of intensity, but being as its ruler, Mars, is cruising on in to activate it, and it was catching that Saturn “control it! Limit it!” and Uranus “Break Free! Disrupt!”, the Martian impulsiveness and urgency could have been felt even more so than normal. 

I feel fairly certain that this New Moon is giving us some sneak peaks into the energies of the upcoming 18 month cycle of eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Pay attention to your dreams, pay attention to the themes in your life, and pay attention to your emotions and what scripts you’re writing because of them. 

November 5, Venus moved into Capricorn, where she’ll stay for several months due to her upcoming retrograde through the sign. This Venus retrograde cycle starts with a conjunction to Pluto, and reviews the territory that brought us the pandemic. It’s no joke, and the upcoming astrocircle will go into more details. Mercury moves into Scorpio this day, as well…

…which is relevant because it’s adding more intensity to the mix (whether that’s questing for truth, obsessive thoughts, etc.)…

…but also because Mercury will come into conjunctions with Mars and the Sun… bringing what is hidden to light…

A Very…Frustrating…Week

On November 10, when Mercury conjuncts Mars, both will also be squaring Saturn. Mars-Saturn in tense aspect can be a little rage-y. Both planets are in their domicile, so they are STRONG and used to getting their way. But Mars’ way is FORWARD NOW! and Saturn’s way is SLOW BUT STEADY PROGRESS! So it can feel like one foot on the gas and one on the break. This energy can be fantastic for getting shit done. But you need to ground and center, and recognize that there might be delays.

Around November 10, please do monitor yourself for impulses to destroy, and to fight. Especially with words. This square, with Mercury in the mix, has a very “I am destroyer of worlds” type of frustration energy to it, and with so much Scorpio going on, you might feel like you’re capable of that. Practice self-awareness. Put a reminder in your phone RIGHT NOW to monitory yourself for impulsive anger. 

And remember: Words are magic. Words can hex. Words carry energies that shape reality. Is that the kind of witch you really want to be? You get to choose — but power needs to be used responsibly and you need to bring as much consciousness as you can to your choices. Fierceness in the face of injustice uses this energy in a grounded way. Hexing while triggered and activated often just perpetuates trauma.

THEN,  on November 17, Mars moves into its opposition with Uranus. All that crucible energy could get a vent. Expect the unexpected. Expect disruptions. This is some high stakes energy. And again, if that’s not feeling true for you, it might be for people around you, so be mindful of that. Or you might see it in the world. I would anticipate seeing tensions boiling over around this time…

And then November 19 we have our first Full Moon lunar eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. It is paired with a solar eclipse in Gemini/Sag (the last of that series), so we’re not fully into the life/death axis yet, but again: we’re in preview territory here. The area of your chart that houses Taurus and Scorpio are areas of life that could see great change over the next 18 months. 

When I use “life/death” as a descriptor of that axis, it is not to freak you out. At its core, this polarity description helps us understand that Taurus and Scorpio are about extremity. Things can feel very life or death when they’re heightened. We no longer see gray area.  During times of Scorpionic activation, remember Taurus: ground. Center. Breathe. Make sure you’re eating. Make sure you’re turning off screens and bringing softness and pleasure into your life. 

If. You are not. Using. A daily practice. You need. To be doing. A daily practice. 

Please. It will help. Please? 

During the lunar eclipse, Jupiter will be squaring the Sun and Moon (and also the lunar nodes), indicating that unresolved material related to our beliefs about ourselves and the world can arise. What disempowering narratives about yourself are you clinging onto? Why? Eclipses are great times for letting shit go. 

The end of November — starting around the time the Sun moves into Sagittarius November 21 — has less pressure. We get some relief from the intense Scorpio, although that Saturn-Uranus square is still intensifying.

Here’s what I would recommend for taking care of yourself… 

(please note, this is particularly true for folks who have Moon, Sun or Venus in the middle of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius. 5-15 degrees, and you’ve been Through It this year; 15-25 degrees, and you’re potentially gearing up for some major breakthroughs in 2022)

*Therapy. Get thee into therapy. Not as punishment, but because we all need support, especially now. sliding scale therapy is available through

*Therapeutic activities. I understand not everyone has access to therapy, so please think outside the box about it: making art, doing exercise or yoga, joining a book club or a Full Moon circle, getting massage or accupuncture… assemble a healing team for yourself

*Daily practice (take 5 seconds of intentional breathing in the shower every day; make a ritual out of making tea each morning; daily free writing; daily hand massages… whatever it is, daily practices help you ground and feel like you have a container. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it could be. 

*Reach out to a few friends or family to ask them if they can be on you’re “Struggle Bus” list. Put the list on your fridge as a reminder. Reach out as needed.

*Keep easy food in your home 

*Drink water

*Remember that you’re not alone – quite literally the whole earth is going through all of THIS right now

*Come to astrocircles and Full Moon community hangouts! For realzz!

The intensity of this moment will pass. 

I think that the astrology of the Saturn-Uranus square is increasingly indicative of service disruptions and labor strikes. I would anticipate an increase of tensions in regards to both, particularly through the year, and then hopefully with constructive responses and breakthrough innovations (in terms of ideas and procedures) in 2022. I’m also very closely watching the Build Back Better act in US politics, which is up for a vote right about the time of the Full Moon eclipse. My hope is that it will pass, and we can rely more heavily on the Taurus side of the eclipse, and it will usher in a phase of growth that is congruent with the needs of the least fortunate and of the earth.

As always, I’m here for any questions…

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