Hi! I’m Amanda (she/her). I’m a queer, multiracial POC astro-healer person and sole proprietress of Aquarian Spirals. I’m based out of Seattle, WA, which is on the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish tribe; this land is known today as Seattle.

As a life-long ‘seeker’, I first ran into Astrology around age 12 when I hung an “Aquarius” poster in my room. It was the first time in my life I had seen something that resonated with the weirdness and complexity of my own experience. There is a certain freedom that comes when you’re able to embrace the truth that our lives are mysterious forces that can’t be whittled down to a series of predictable events.  Astrology has helped me to feel more comfortable with the things that don’t fit into tidy little boxes or categories.

I work with folks from so many diverse demographics, and feel passionate about keeping these powerful modalities accessible to any who want to learn through them. To that end, I have a wide variety of offerings and pricing structures for sessions and classes. Please feel free to reach out to inquire about a sliding fee scale for initial consults.

I am particularly interested in exploring elements of unconventional and alternative models of relationship and sexuality. I am comfortable and have experience working with clients who are part of the LGBT, polyamorous/non-monogamous, and kink communities, which are communities I am also a part of.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

I have been practicing astrology ‘professionally’ since 2010. I am profoundly influenced by and have been training with Patricia Walsh since 2012 and as of April 2015 am a certified Deep Memory Process® Practitioner.  I regularly assist at DMP trainings and supervise current students. I am deeply moved and influenced by astrologers and mentors who have focused on the therapeutic potential of astrology, including Mark Jones. I am Level Two certified with Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program (having spent more than 190 hours studying with him), and have also apprenticed with Adam Sommer.

I am currently core faculty at Portland School of Astrology, and am on the Board of Directors for the newly forming International Association of Ethics in Astrology. In the past, I have served on the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) Steering Committee. My work with these organizations is rooted in the 10 years working with grant writing and program development in community-based LGBTQ mental health non-profits.

I have a Master’s degree  in Psychology with a focus in Depth Psychology. My thesis was entitled Astrological Ritual and the Apocalyptic Imagination. During that time, I was immersed in studying how apocalyptic imagery affects the psyche, the complex forms of grief we experience in a world on the brink, and ways astrology can help us move through that grief.I loved all three years of graduate school with my whole soul. My Master’s degree makes me uniquely qualified to do depth-astrological work within a therapeutic context.

Needless to say, my practice is heavily informed by the work of C.G. Jung and depth psychology. I’m drawn to this philosophy because of its focus on soul and its reverence for the importance of exploring our depths, and our shadows, so that we might make our light shine a little brighter.

In addition to my roots in Depth Psychology, Astrology, post-modern philosophy, and an eclectic array of pagan and buddhist practices, my work is largely based on the idea of the Great Turning and the work of Joanna Macy ( In short:

The Great Turning is the name for the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.”

I believe we are being called upon to imagine, implement, and integrate a sustainable way of existing on this earth. I believe that this task is the most important endeavor that exists, and I believe that astrology is one of the many tools available to assist us  in navigating this global rite of passage – at whatever level we are ready to engage it.

As our societal structures continue to collapse, I continue to place emphasis on doing my own anti-oppression work in order to understand white supremacist culture and my place within it. This work is ever-evolving, and an important part of the services I provide as well.

I find myself in between worlds a lot of times – in between labels. I do have some hippie, new agey “woo woo” qualities to me, but I find the “woo” is typically associated only with bubbles of light and crystal healing and positive thinking.

That’s all necessary, but I also tend to be fascinated by the darker material of the psyche – I believe the world is in desperate need of individuals who will delve into their own depths in order to make things conscious so that they’re not harmfully flinging their own unresolved issues around. I enjoy working with individuals who aren’t waiting for some outside force to arrive and lead them to salvation-individuals who want to find their own path and are thirsty for the challenge (and joy!) of diving into that path.


I definitely enjoy intellectual, “scholarly” discussion, but I know that valid human experiences are not always “rational” and that labeling something irrational is not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t like to be categorized, and see no reason why I should try to make anyone else fit into little boxes or bubbles. Much of the beauty of humanity lies in our ability to be creative and imaginative; these are largely irrational functions, and I choose to celebrate that rather than ignore it.  Because of this, I am able to meet individuals at their own level, and to figure out ways of communicating and ways of using tools that are uniquely tailored to their own personal growth.

I love this stuff. Really, truly, deeply. I believe that each individual’s path is unique and that we are all on this earth right now to uncover as much truth as we can, to feel and heal our grief and our pain, and to celebrate life as much as we can. Astrology, ritual, and tarot are all profound ways of doing just that.

I do not use astrology as a tool for prediction so much as a starting point through which we can help to unravel your potential, your challenges and concrete ways of healing and moving forward. The planets don’t cause anything to happen to you; they simply reflect cycles and phases, much like a clock tells the time.

In a session with me you’ll likely dive into dreams, philosophy, energy work, the alchemy of relationship, and uncover some things you’ve always known but never articulated. My goal is to help you tune into your own intuition and understand the way your soul speaks to you through your embodied experience.

You can book a session here, or email me with any questions you might have.

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