Madrona House Apothecary
(Fourth Tuesday of Every Month)

Astrology is an ancient mytho-poetic language that helps us to understand how our individual paths weave into the larger mystery. It provides a structured yet dynamic way of tracking cycles and patterns, providing insight into how we can step into our power.

The intention of AstroCircle is to empower folks who aren’t astrologers, as well as those who are, to use the current astrological weather consciously. In this 1.5 hour monthly workshop we’ll use lecture, experiential exercises, storytelling, personal reflection, discussion and fun to explore the magic of the stars, the soul and how we can use astrology in practical ways to enhance our lives and the world.

Cost: $15-25 sliding scale in advance; $25 (Cash Only) at the door if there is space.
(super special deal: anyone subscribed to my Patreon Campaign at the $20+ levels gets access to astrocircles in addition to all the other incentives for that level)

Your advanced registration is greatly appreciated.

Topics will change from month to month.

October: Full Moon Ritual (tickets here)
November: Nodes of the Moon in Cancer/Capricorn (tickets here)
December: Off (Fourth Tuesday is a Holiday)
(your suggestions for topics are welcome; just email me)