Now in their 7th year, AstroCircles are a fun, accessible, community-oriented way to learn Astrology!

The intention of AstroCircle is to empower folks who aren’t astrologers, as well as those who are, to use the current astrological weather consciously. In this 1.5 hour monthly workshop we’ll use lecture, experiential exercises, storytelling, personal reflection, discussion and fun to explore the magic of the stars, the soul and how we can use astrology in practical ways to enhance our lives and the world.

One of the goals of AstroCircle is to be able to meet each participant where they’re at. That said, I’ve tried to label each circle so that you can understand what to expect.

Note regarding Covid-19: All AstroCircles have been moved online until further notice. You can buy a ticket that’ll include the recording for $20. OR, you can join my Patreon Campaign. A $5 or $10 monthly subscription gives you access to the live call; $20 or $75 gives you access to the live call and the recording (plus a whole bunch of other stuff). And y’all, if you just join for one month cuz there’s a circle you really love, please know you can unsubscribe at any time.

2021 Schedule:

Tues. 1/26 at 7pm
AstroCircle: Neptune Square the Nodes: Disinformation & Conspirituality (PATRONS ONLY)
(collective astro; historical; psychological; lecture-centric; all levels although some astrology understanding will be helpful)

Sat. 2/27 at 11am
AstroCircle: The Empath Archetype Through the Zodiac
(philosophical; psychological; personal; all levels)
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Tues. 3/16 at 7pm
AstroCircle: Lilith in Astrology
(philosophical; all levels)
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Sat. 4/24 at 11am
AstroCircle: The Water Trinity & The Soul’s Evolution (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
(philosophical; psychological; personal; workshop-y; all levels)
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Tues 5/18 at 7pm
AstroCircle: Working With Difficult Transits
(technical; personal; workshop-y; basic astrology knowledge recommended)
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Tuesday, June 22 at 7pm
EA Chart Interpretation
(Workshoppy; Evolutionary Astrology; basic astro knowledge recommended)
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Tuesday, July 27 at 7pm
Creating A New Moon Ritual
(Workshoppy; Magical; All Levels)
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Wednesday, August 25 at 7pm
Fate, Free Will & Prediction
(Lecture; all levels)
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Tuesday, September 28 at 7pm
The Pluto Return of the United States
(lecture; evolutionary astrology; historical; political; social justice; collective astro; basic astro knowledge will be helpful)
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Tuesday, October 26 at 7pm New date: Tuesday, November 2 at 7pm
Synastry & Karma (looking at Pluto and the nodes in relationship charts)
(Evolutionary Astrology; philosophical; lecture; workshop-y; intermediate to advanced)
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Tuesday, November 16 at 7pm
Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
(Psychological; Evolutionary; Mundane; Current Transits; workshoppy; lecture; all levels)
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(AstroCircle topics are subject to change)