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Getting to do this work full time is a dream come true. Working with people who are willing to step into their most authentic selves, deal with their shadows, and who are fellow seekers is inspiring and magical and I’m consistently in awe that this is the work I get to do.

In order to keep this work sustainable, and to be able to continue doing the other thing I’m deeply passionate about — writing — I launched a Patreon Campaign in March of 2017. This campaign allows you to become a monthly contributor, and as such gives you access to participating in my work at varying levels according to your contribution. It allows me to offer writings and other services and gives me the space I need to keep this work going while offering you something in return.

I give the full rundown in this quick little video:


**All subscribers — at any level — will receive a 3 page astro PDF that includes a copy of your chart, short blurbs about your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, and information about how to understand where each planet falls in your chart. **

You can visit the page and see incentives here: