Classes and Workshops

To access the AstroCircle schedule (held monthly), go here.
Upcoming events (all classes online until further notice):
Starting Fall 2020, I will be teaching as core faculty in Portland School of Astrology’s first and second year programs. Check the school’s website for more info.
Registration is live now for my 12 week Evolutionary Astrology Intensive!
April 17: The Pluto Return of the United States (public lecture through Portland School of Astrology)
Summer or Fall 2021: Tools for Empaths
December 2021-January 2022: Deconstructing the Myth of Soulmate (your guide through Venus retrograde in Capricorn)

Past Classes (please email me to request):

AstroBasics (a 6-part astrology course)
Healing Karma (Intro to Past Life Regression)
Healing with Shamanic Journeying
Tools for Empaths (A 4-part series or a 1 time event)
Intro to Astrology: Planets, Signs, Houses
Life in the Lunar Realms: The Astrology of the Moon
Practical Woo
Queering Astrology
Various Astrology Topics
Understanding Karmic Complexes
Reincarnation & Trauma
Venus Retrograde
DreamWeavers: Unlocking the Magic of the Psyche
Fierce Heart: A Support Group for Radical Compassion inspired by the work of Joanna Macy
Soul Stories: The Astrology of Karmic Complexes
Working with Eclipses