Classes and Workshops

Most of my events are offered on some kind of sliding scale. All fees go to support the cost of the rental space as well as my ability to keep focusing on doing this work. If cost is a barrier for you, I encourage you to email me. I will absolutely do my best to accommodate you. Also note: some classes have payment structures that incentivize advanced registration. This is to help me prepare.

To learn more about AstroCircles (held every fourth Tuesday), go here.
Upcoming events:
1/6/20: The Astrology of 2020 (at Madrona House) tickets here
1/26 – 3/12/20: Astrology for Personal Growth, an 8-week course (at North Seattle College) More information here
2/10-3/9: Dream Weavers
Dream Weaving Final
Upcoming events (coming in 2020):
Intro to Evolutionary Astrology (a 3-month online intensive)
A Year of Astrological Thinking (March 2020 – online)
AstroBasics: Monthly Nuts & Bolts Astro Classes at Madrona House, starting January 2020)
Deconstructing the Myth of Soulmate: Navigating Venus Retrograde
Tools for Empaths (online or in person. Have a preference? Contact me!)
Practical Woo (late summer 2020)


Past Classes (please email me to request):

AstroBasics (a 6-part astrology course)
Healing Karma (Intro to Past Life Regression)
Healing with Shamanic Journeying
Tools for Empaths (A 4-part series or a 1 time event)
Intro to Astrology: Planets, Signs, Houses
Life in the Lunar Realms: The Astrology of the Moon
Practical Woo
Queering Astrology
Various Astrology Topics
Understanding Karmic Complexes
Reincarnation & Trauma
Venus Retrograde
DreamWeavers: Unlocking the Magic of the Psyche
Fierce Heart: A Support Group for Radical Compassion inspired by the work of Joanna Macy
Soul Stories: The Astrology of Karmic Complexes
Working with Eclipses