Classes and Workshops

To access the AstroCircle schedule (held monthly), go here.
Upcoming events (all classes online until further notice):
Starting Fall 2020, I will be teaching as core faculty in Portland School of Astrology’s first and second year programs. There’s still room in our long distance cohort, which runs January – September.
January 7 2021: The Astrology of 2021
Winter 2021: Astrology for Personal Growth Part II, a 6-week course (through North Seattle College’s Continuing Education Program January 28-March 4)
February 24: Neptune square the Nodes in 2021: Discerning the Truth (public lecture through Portland School of Astrology) – tickets here
April 17: The Pluto Return of the United States (public lecture through Portland School of Astrology)
Summer or Fall 2021: Tools for Empaths
December 2021-January 2022: Deconstructing the Myth of Soulmate (your guide through Venus retrograde in Capricorn)

Past Classes (please email me to request):

AstroBasics (a 6-part astrology course)
Healing Karma (Intro to Past Life Regression)
Healing with Shamanic Journeying
Tools for Empaths (A 4-part series or a 1 time event)
Intro to Astrology: Planets, Signs, Houses
Life in the Lunar Realms: The Astrology of the Moon
Practical Woo
Queering Astrology
Various Astrology Topics
Understanding Karmic Complexes
Reincarnation & Trauma
Venus Retrograde
DreamWeavers: Unlocking the Magic of the Psyche
Fierce Heart: A Support Group for Radical Compassion inspired by the work of Joanna Macy
Soul Stories: The Astrology of Karmic Complexes
Working with Eclipses