Evolutionary Astrology Intensive

*Registration for the 2021 Round of the EA Intensive is now closed. Next round will be spring 2022.*

Evolutionary Astrology Intensive with Amanda Moreno, MA
April 10 – June 30 2021

Evolutionary Astrology is an astrological modality that sees the natal chart not only as a snapshot of the potentials inherent within you from the moment of birth, but a way to understand your deepest, most entrenched patterns. It provides insights into the karmic journey of the soul, with the understanding that there are some experiences we have that leave a lasting mark. EA provides powerful way of understanding some of the most complex parts of our experiences, while also providing us with a blueprint for navigating the highs, lows and everyday mundane parts of our lives with more consciousness and confidence.

This course is an opportunity for a 12 week guided tour not just through the cosmos and the methods of EA, but into your own interior world. This work is based in the understanding that the work we do at the internal level is inherently connected to what goes on at the external level, and that folks who are wanting to engage their experience with depth deserve support in their journey.

This course is for those wishing to build their personal or professional astrological practice, as well as folks who are looking for personal development and soul growth.

Hello!  I’m Amanda, your guide through this immersion (and yes, I totally use selfies on my professional sites). I stumbled upon EA in 2010, in the middle of a grad school program where I was studying how apocalyptic imagery affects the psyche. I’ve had a long term fascination with understanding how we can navigate living through the collective rite of passage (read: major transition) we’re in. EA is the first modality I’ve ever come across that was robust and complex enough to hold how weird my life experiences have been, from the intense highs to the harrowing lows and everything in between. 

That feeling of being witnessed — by astrologers and astrology and also by the universe — along with the fascination of how astrology and soul work can be used together to create real change in my life has propelled my decade-long love affair with this work. Although I also practice experiential, psychological, archetypal and downright queer astrology, EA is at the heart of how I look at charts — and individuals, generations and collective movements. You can read more about me here.

I am beyond excited to be starting this second round of my Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, and to share with you the wonders of this paradigm, and ways you can work with it for the rest of your life.

What we’ll cover:

  • The philosophies and psychology of EA including karma, reincarnation, karmic complexes and shadow
  • The Nodes of the Moon and Pluto by house and sign
  • Aspects to Pluto and the Nodes of the Moon
  • Mars, Venus and relationships in the evolutionary story
  • Trauma signatures in the chart and the basics of understanding and working with trauma at the mental, emotional/psychological, physical and spiritual levels
  • The EA Method – understanding the trinity of the past and the trinity of the future
  • How to develop the nodal story
  • Working with transits & using astrology as an ongoing tool for growth
  • Phasal Relationships
  • Experiential, embodied techniques for working with the material
  • Ethics in Karmic Astrology & Chart Interpretation including a discussion about privilege, fate & free will, and trauma-informed spaces

Who the course is made for:

  • Anyone searching to deepen their relationship with themselves through astrology, whether as a practitioner working with clients, or as someone interested in astrology for personal growth
  • Folks who are seeking to create change within themselves and therefore in the world as well, and who are curious about how socially conscious, experiential astrology blends with the evolutionary approach
  • Those who are seeking initiation into astrology and the next phase of their lives, and who want to use astrology as a tool for growth in an ongoing manner

Prerequisites: You do not need to be a professional astrologer to take this class — it’s for anyone looking to understand the deeper dynamics of astrological charts. However! You do need to have basic familiarity with astrology. At a minimum, you need to be able to identify all of the planetary and zodiacal glyphs and understand planets, signs, houses and aspects. 

It is highly recommended that you have had your chart read by an EA astrologer prior to the class (although not required). But more importantly: You should be able to look at a chart and know which planet and sign is which, even if you don’t understand how to interpret that. Being able to look at a chart and read the glyphs is mandatory. There’s still time to learn! If you have any questions about your preparedness, please feel free to contact me to discuss it: amanda@aquarianspirals.com

The Course is Structured as Follows(all times pacific)/Tuition Includes:

  • An introductory immersion Saturday, April 10 from 10-1:30pm
  • Weekly 75-90 minute lectures on the fundamentals of EA (Wednesdays at 6pm April 14 – June 30); attendance is highly encouraged, but they will be recorded as well if you need to miss a class)
  • 4 60 minute QA sessions for integration (Saturdays April 24, May 9, May 22, June 12) — attendance is highly encouraged, but they will be recorded as well. Please note that QA sessions are for your learning, and are based on what students bring to the session)
  • A chart interpretation intensive/project presentation at the end of the course (Sat. June 26; 11-4)
  • 3 50 minute one-on-one coaching sessions for personal support and tutoring. Each student will meet with me individually to go over the psychological components of what is being uncovered, provide support, and do personal energy and/or shadow integration work as needed – scheduled during “office hours” during one week per month

Bonuses: You will receive access to the April and June AstroCircles, a monthly event I host through my Patreon Campaign, and color PDF copies of your natal chart and transit charts.

What you will need:

  • A commitment to showing up and learning the material, engaging with curiosity openness, and being willing to dig a little deeper than you normally would — although I do understand the need to potentially miss a class or two, this class is not meant to be taken only through the recordings. This is particularly true for the QA sessions and the workshops at the end of the course, which are based on your participation.
  • 75-90 minutes per week for lecture time, 60(ish) minutes every other week for QA sessions; at least an hour a week for self-study and reflection practices (a minimum of 20 minutes most days is optimal); and 50 minutes a month for a one-on-one session with me. I will provide suggestions (and sometimes access to) supplemental reading, videos and podcasts that will be optional but will help you expand on what you’re learning. 
  • Space in your home for an altar or a place that is devoted to reflection, journaling and other forms of grounding and self-work.
  • Access to Zoom (video with audio or audio only) for live sessions and Dropbox for recordings

My Teaching Style

Having taught astrology classes pretty much non-stop for the past six years, I tend to teach in layers. My goal is to engage my students in whatever ways work best for them, so that I’m not just spouting off information at you, but incorporating your imagination, personal experiences, body memory, emotions and more into the mix. I want you to feel equipped to take heady concepts and make them practical.

I see each individual class as its own ritual, and will invite you to incorporate ritual into the mix as well. I will use lectures, experiential exercises and guided imagery, questions for reflection, suggested homework, discussions and more to invite you to engage with the work. I thrive off of hearing your questions (and doing my best to answer them) and tend to have an open door (email!) policy. For the duration of the course, you are welcome to email me with your thoughts, questions and observations. 

I tend to refer my students back in to their own inner knowing and processes quite a bit. This is mostly to underscore the importance of you relying on your inner truth and power for guidance. You’ll often find that you have the answer for something within yourself. But after we’ve gone through that process, I’m happy to ramble a bit about how I relate to the question or concept, too!

You can access any of many free recorded webinars I’ve done here: https://aquarianspirals.com/learn/recorded-webinars/

Registration & Investment details:

Registration opens March 3 and closes April 12, or when all spots are full. Space is limited, and registration will be on a first come, first served basis. Please see my refund policy in the FAQ below.


Cost of the full course (including 25+ hours of lecture, 4 QA sessions, a chart interpretation intensive, three 50 minute one-on-one sessions, and extras): $650

Cost of the full course with Patreon membership (Patrons at any published level always receive 25% off my online courses; you can sign up here to get the coupon code): $487.50

Cost of the full course + an initial consult (for those who have not had an evolutionary astrology reading, which is recommended prior to beginning the course, but not required): $725

If you are unable to pay the full registration feel at the time of registration, you can opt for a $225 non-refundable deposit. An additional $200 must be paid by April 10 and the remaining amount ($225 for regular registration) is due by May 15.


Folks who have taken the course before will be able to audit, space allowing. The cost to audit the course is $50 (does not include one on one sessions or AstroCircles). Please email me to inquire.

I will be reserving one spot on a pay as you can basis for a Black and/or Indigenous Person of Color who would otherwise not be able to attend. The recommended minimum for this spot is $150, which covers the three one-on-one sessions. Payments can be made in installments. 

I will be reserving one spot on a sliding scale basis for POC, LGBTQ folks who would not otherwise be able to afford the class, and folks who make less than $30,000/year. The scale starts at $300. 

To apply for either spot, email me by March 25 and include which spot you’re applying for, a statement of interest (why do you want to take the class? What do you hope to get out of it?) and affirmation that you have a basic understanding of planets, houses, signs and are able to read the glyphs or will be able to by April 10.

I will be contacting folks by March 31 to let them know the status of their application. 

Questions? Email amanda@aquarianspirals.com


What style of Evolutionary Astrology do you practice?
My version of EA is heavily informed by the work of Patricia Walsh (astrology, understanding karmic complexes, past life regression work and experiential work), Jeffrey Wolf Green (EA techniques) and Mark Jones (the therapeutic potential of astrology, trauma signatures in the chart). It should also be noted that I studied with Steven Forrest for many years, so although the techniques you’ll be learning are mostly in the Jeffrey Wolf Green tradition, Steven’s heart-centered approach is integral to my style. You’ll also find components that are informed by my own inner work and depth psychological background, my dedication to keeping social consciousness and social justice central to the work I do, and experiential exercises.

I can’t make any of the live sessions. Can I still attend by just listening to recordings?
Unlike most of my courses, this one is meant to be attended live because you will get the most out of it by participating, and by being able to ask questions and interact with your classmates. I do, however, understand that time zones are tricky. If you are unable to attend the lectures, but are able to attend QA sessions and the workshops, please feel free to reach out to me so we can chat about whether or not it’s a good fit. You should not register if you know you’re unable to make any of the sessions live.

What house system will we be using?
ll charts will be cast using Porphyry, and I ask that you use Porphyry for the duration of the class.

Will we be using any books?
I’ll make suggestions about books that would be excellent supplements to the course in addition to providing PDFs of excerpts, articles and more.

What is your refund policy?
Generally speaking, all sales are final more than 48 hours after purchase. If something comes up prior to April 1, please reach out. If I am able to fill your spot, I will issue a refund minus fees. After April 1, I am unable to issue refunds, but you will have access to all recordings and course materials.