Ongoing Support

One of the reasons I love Evolutionary Astrology so much is because it provides a deep and rich understanding of the complexities of a person’s psyche and a totally rad way of understanding the treasure map that is the natal chart.

Often times people come to me seeking a lot of really big life answers. The process of leaning into, understanding and integrating what you learn in that initial session deserves some time to breathe. I find that many of my clients are going through transition periods, and so it makes sense for us to work together over a period of time, even in combination with other healing therapies and/or traditional counseling.

For this reason, I do offer ongoing coaching and support. What that support looks like depends on your needs, but it will often make use of astrology, tarot, dream work, ritual design, space-holding, guided visualization, somatic and body processing, and a pretty large dose of camaraderie and problem solving. The frequency can be at whatever level is right for you.

I offer these sessions to anyone who has already had an initial astrology reading with me, who I have seen within the past 6 months. If it has been longer than that, please schedule a transit update reading.

50 minutes/$60-100 Sliding Scale (Book Here Now)

Another option is my Patreon campaign.

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The way I have the campaign set up is to give you access to things like New Moon guidance and one-on-one coaching depending on the incentive level you sign up for (payments reoccur monthly). I’ve been really mindful with this platform because, again, I want this work to be accessible. Options range from $3-75/month. $20/month gets you a 1:1 session with me every four months, New and Full Moon guidance, at least 6 astrology webinars a year, access to extra writings, permission to email me with questions whenever you want, 25% off all of my online classes, a 4-page Astrology PDF and more. $75/month is for monthly one on ones, plus all of that other good stuff.