Other Places You’ll Find Me

A list of current and past engagements can be found below.

I currently do tarot readings on Wednesdays at the Vajra in Capitol Hill (www.thevajra.com). I also do astrology and tarot at East West Bookstore on Thursdays (www.eastwestbookshop.com). Please note that each of these venues handle their  booking and pricing. 

I wrote for planetwaves.net weekly from 2014-2016; you can go and search by my name to read about…spirituality.

I am available to speak and host workshops around the Puget Sound area. Past topics have included/Possible topics include:

Creating New Moon/Full Moon Rituals
Dream Tending
Various topics in Evolutionary Astrology
Various topics in Collective/Archetypal Astrology
Past Life Regression
Karmic Complexes
The Concept of Evolution
Narcissism, Donald Trump and the American Public
Practical Woo
Tools for Empaths
Shamanic Journeying
Shadow Work
Collective Rites of Passage
Relationship Needs; Deconstructing the Myth of Soul Mate
Honoring the Heart in Times of Change
Despair & Empowerment Work

Contact me for possibilities when it comes to attending or hosting these workshops.