Somatic Exploration

In my work, I value the connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Many of us long to explore the ways our experiences and traumas are held at the physical levels. This includes intergenerational trauma, emotional imbalance, ‘stuck’ energy and more. Many of us also long for a more balanced connection to the parts of ourselves and the world we cannot understand with our linear-logical minds.

‘Somatic Exploration’ is a label I’ve chosen for sessions in which we explore those connections through sensation, imagination, creativity and experience. Although every session will look different, we’ll create a container for gentle and powerful exploration and healing for your whole system.

Sessions begin with a verbal check-in and intention setting and then a guided energetic body scan. Sessions can include: past life integration (not a full regression), work in the healing realms; energetic cord healing; energy work; resourcing; releasing and re-balancing; spirit attachment release; connection with your guides; gestalt and dialogue with your inner figures, dream figures and/or astrological signatures; active imagination and more.

No initial astrological consult is required for this session, but it is recommended.

$125 (60-75 minutes)
Sliding scale ($50-125) is available for those making less than $25,000/year.
Sliding scale ($90-125) is available for people of color, queer folks and those with chronic illness who would not otherwise be able to have a session.
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