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I practice Evolutionary Astrology (EA), which  is heart-centered, therapeutic approach to healing. My spin on EA is informed by experiential practices, queer astrology and the theories of depth psychology so that I can ensure your session helps you to stay empowered and become more connected to your own spark of genius.

Evolutionary Astrology focuses on Pluto and the lunar nodes. I will, of course, be keeping the rest of your chart in mind as well, but at least for your first session Pluto and the lunar nodes will be the focus. This allows us to get a baseline and learn about your deepest unconscious dynamics and emotional patterns, get better insight into your challenges and potentially your traumas, and then learn about how the rest of your chart relates to that. Additionally, we’ll also explore your talents, strengths, and all kinds of hidden treasures that will help you to work through these patterns and difficult life transitions. (*some of you might be interested in knowing that I use the Porphyry house system for all of my sessions)

My relationship to prediction
Astrology as I practice it helps us to uncover answers to the question  “why am I here?” It is reliably predictive in terms of the spiritual and emotional undercurrents of your life, and the timing of those cycles. It is not, however, reliably predictive when it comes to what choices you will make due to those undercurrents, or what will Happen To You in any concrete way. This is the intersection of “fate” and free will.

Because my focus is on empowerment, I will not tell you exactly who you are or focus on predicting concrete, specific events that will happen in your life. I won’t predict your death, whether or not a relationship will last, or anything involving specific illness or fertility. The universe is too mysterious and complex for me to claim to know those things. I will help you to navigate potentialities.

I also strongly believe that you have the freedom to make decisions and to engage your life in whichever way you want. I use your natal chart and our conversation as a way of mapping out possibilities in order to empower you to make decisions that serve your soul’s purpose – no matter what is going on in your life at a given point in time. We can look at the timing of spiritual and emotional cycles and look at possibilities.

Working together, we can figure out concrete, practical ideas that can help you to move forward. I tend to ask a lot of questions, which provide doors to exploration. You might also hear me bring up philosophy, science, dream tending, body work, creativity, social justice and more. Astrology is a blueprint for integrating so many aspects of life, and I will help you to interpret that blueprint.

Why I use the term “therapeutic astrology”

I deeply value ongoing work and the container that can be built between practitioner and client. Astrology is such a vast, rich and powerful modality, and an initial consult only scratches the surface. One of my greatest joys is the fact that so many people trust me as a witness and helper on their path, and that I get to witness folks in their growth processes.

Because of this, I do offer ongoing sessions. After your initial session you will have access to my sliding scale-based ongoing consults and a practitioner (that’s me!) who is very much invested in and inspired by your growth.


(*all astrology prices include prep time; an MP3 recording of your first session will be sent; recordings of further sessions provided on request)

1st Session: Initial Consultation
This session will provide a baseline understanding of the messages hidden in your natal chart, allowing us to dive deep into your soul’s purpose. We’ll explore your patterns and help you to understand your challenges and successes and how you can best navigate through your experiences. This reading will include insight into ways to positively engage your path and the areas of life that will provide you with access to new and vital energies. We can focus on specific areas of life at your request. In addition, we will expand on the themes of the natal chart in terms of current astrological weather (transits) according to where the planets are currently.
$150 (60 minutes)

Note:  I have a limited number of sliding scale openings per month. The scale slides from $150-80 and is available for low income folks, people of color, queer folks, students and low income folks. If you are a member of any of these demographics but can afford the higher end of the scale please pay what you’re able as I am reliant on your honest contribution to keep the scale available. **To book a session using sliding scale, please email me**

Ongoing Consults
Some folks choose to work with me in an ongoing manner after their initial consult. To find out about how to receive ongoing support/coaching after the initial reading, click here.

Yearly transits and progressions update
This option is kind of like a tune-up and is available for those who have already had an initial consultation with me or those who are familiar with evolutionary astrology (meaning they already understand their chart in terms of Pluto and the lunar nodes). This is a great way to get updated on current dynamics and trends in your life. Best for folks who see me yearly or less frequently.
$100  (45 minutes)

Relationship Reading
This reading (also referred to as a Synastry reading) looks at the charts of two people in relationships in terms of each person’s basic needs beginning with their relationship with Self, how the two people interact with and influence one another, and the karmic dynamics shared by the individuals as well as the karma of the relationship. This reading can be done for lovers, business partners, family members, etc.  Focus is on strengths and challenges and tools for growth in terms of what each person’s soul desires for this life. Please note that I do require that you have a natal reading with me prior to this session so that we can establish your baseline – doing both things in one session tends to result in information overload.
$175 (approximately 90 minutes)
$250 (if only one member of the duo has had a natal reading with me)

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