“Thank you again for the session! It was very insightful and gave me a lot of good thinking points. I actually took steps forward towards personal goals that I’ve been wanting to achieve. I signed up for a TEFL course to teach English abroad and already met a few people last week who are also passionate about travel. It’s been very exciting to allow myself to be open to my values / personal goals rather than be held back by societal convention and what I feel I’m “supposed” to be doing. That and focusing on finding balance are two of my biggest take-aways!”

“Thank you for my chart reading! Gave me a lot to think about and confirmed things I’ve always known.”

“Amanda helped validate some internal feelings and decisions that I knew were there but wasn’t able to completely process. With our session we were able to shine some light on possibilities that could  break certain cycles which had proven negative for majority of my life. I’m eternally thankful for the validation that our session brought and highly recommend Amanda’s services to anyone who’s seeking a little more outside insight to their everyday happenings.”

“Amanda is an open soul, an insightful and kind coach. My reading over Skype was a very serene, affirmative experience. We were able to hone in on my special challenges with uncanny accuracy. I highly recommend her services.”

“Amanda did a natal chart and a general reading for me.  I was amazed at how many truths she was able to determine in my life in the present, as well as the advice and guidance she offered to help me deal with both present and future issues.  I am so happy I had a session with Amanda; I definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking any sort of guidance.”