Aquarian Spirals

Welcome to Aquarian Spirals — the virtual realms of astro-witch, soul worker and paradigm buster  Amanda Moreno (she/her). Amanda’s work is rooted in the notion that we’re alive at a time of deeply transformative change, and that we’re being called upon to imagine, implement and integrate a sustainable way of existing on this earth. She believes that by doing the deep work of transforming consciousness, we are better able to navigate the challenges of our times. You can read more about Amanda’s background and approach here, or go straight to booking a session here.

Astrology and other forms of soul work are among  the many tools available to assist us  in navigating the global rite of passage we’re in – at whatever level we are ready to engage it. Amanda’s intention is to hold space for people wherever they’re at in their journey and to support her clients in learning how to heal themselves.

Although Amanda loves working with all kinds of humans, her work is particularly geared towards those who:

  • Are recognizing the state of the world we live in and wanting support so that they feel empowered to  be the change
  • Are actively learning astrology, are interested in astrology as a tool for psychological understanding and transformation, and are interested in working with a mentor and guide in an on-going capacity
  • Are working to heal ancestral patterns, pain, grief and trauma
  • Are new to “woo” and needing help finding what practices work for them
  • Are members of the LGBTQ, non-monogamous and/or kink communities
  • Are invested in working with practitioners who are committed to anti-oppression work to dismantle white supremacist systems and institutions
  • Are looking for modalities that encourage going within and embodied practices including shadow integration work and ritual
  • Identify as an empath, an empathic type, or someone who feeeeels really deeply lots of the time
  • Feel called to working with her

This site will tell you more about Amanda’s services, but you can also reach her with questions or to schedule a no-cost exploratory consultation to discuss what’s up for you and any questions you might have at

To get a better idea of Amanda and her goals for this work, you can view her Patreon Campaign intro video: