So, how does this work?
Everyone is a bit different, but we usually start with an astrology reading. I sometimes see people for whom the initial astrology reading is enough. Others come back and visit me quarterly or yearly for updates. Still others prefer to do ongoing work in a more frequently reoccurring manner, which can be every week or two for a period of time. Sometimes they are looking for ongoing coaching, are wanting to delve into specific topics as reflected by their chart, want astrological mentoring, or are interested in having the combined insight of astrology, tarot and dream work as they go through life passages. I can accommodate all of those things. Regression therapy is another tool we can use for patterns that feel very stuck, additional insight, and some of the most cathartic healing available.

In order to establish a baseline, I have each of my clients start with either a natal astrology reading or a natal+transits astrology reading.

What information do you need for astrological services?

I need your birth date, time and place. Exact time of birth is vital, and can many times be found on your birth certificate. If that is not available, sometimes a family member’s memory will work.  If you do not have access to an accurate birth time, I am still able to give you a good deal of information.

Do we need to meet in person?

Sessions can be done in person, over Skype or via phone with the exception of regression therapy which must be done in person.

Where are you located?

I have an office in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

As an alternative option – I currently do half hour tarot readings in Capitol Hill at The Vajra (www.thevajra.com) every Thursday and Friday from 3:30-7:30.  I also often fill in for shifts on other days. These readings are $45/half hour. Please call The Vajra directly to book an appointment and confirm that I am going to be there the day you wish to be seen at (206) 323-7846.

What type of payment do you accept?

At this time, I prefer cash or check (made out to Amanda Moreno). If you prefer to use paypal, please arrange this with me in advance of your session. I will ask you to add a percentage to the total to cover paypal’s fees. If we are meeting over Skype or telephone, I must receive payment through the mail or paypal at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I do! If you need to cancel, please do so with at least 24 hours notice. If you will be late to your session, please let me know with as much notice as possible. The process of preparing space for our session begins approximately one half hour before you arrive, so advanced notice is important. If you cancel without 24 hours notice, I will only rebook your appointment when payment is received in advance. If that session is missed without 24 hour notice, payment will not be returned.

Are you a licensed therapist?

I am not. This also means I do not take insurance.

Can I come see you just once? Do you do ongoing sessions?

Either option is fine. Some people come see me for one tarot or astrology reading. Often times, however, people check back in with me at various frequencies – once a month, once a quarter, twice a year – there are no rules. You might find, however, that your initial astrology reading opens a world of possibilities, and my favorite way of working with people is over time to unlock these gifts.

What if I’m not sure you’re the person I’d like to work with?

I’m happy to chat with you over the phone so that you can get a feel for my style, ask any preliminary questions, and figure out if you feel a connection. Just send me an email at amanda@aquarianspirals.com to set something up.


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