New Moon in Aquarius: Island of Jewels

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Today’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aquarius feels…auspicious? Draining. Enlightening? Exhausting. There’s a lot going on in the heavens now, and as above so below – a lot in the realm of humankind as well.


Photo by Amanda; “Lust” from Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, “Island of Jewels” from the Secret Dakini Oracle

Aquarius is very much about humankind. In the tarot it is depicted as The Star, the figure that comes out of the aftermath of the Tower, or total egoic breakdown, with a sense of having been purified and stripped down. What happens when we’re purified and stripped down? A sense of calm. Centeredness. Being able to see objectively again after going through total deconstruction. Bringing what we’ve learned and what we see back to the tribe for the betterment of all.

My favorite depiction of the card comes from an oracle deck called The Secret Dakini Oracle. It’s called “Island of Jewels,” and depicts twelve jewels symbolizing the purest, most exalted forms of the signs of the zodiac arranged around a central crystal, representing the self. All of these gathered together yet floating in space as pure transmitters of celestial magnificence. Yet the jewels are in fact of the earth. Matter containing pure light, pure wisdom. The card speaks to the revitalization and realization of hopes and dreams that have been achieved through opening the inner eye and reaching a pinnacle of the envisioning process.

Aquarian energy at its best is totally tapped into the  inspiration, insight and limitless possibilities of the spirit. It is psychic in the sense that it can take all the information filtering in and synthesize it at speeds that are irrationally fast, putting visions of the future together in ways that non-Aquarian energies or people can’t quite understand. Aquarius sees. It sees possibilities and sometimes mistakes those possibilities for concrete truth. But we know that courses can change, even if they seem fated. We must still heed the cries of the visionaries among us, however. Honor the power and potency of that kind of vision.

As I’ve said many times now, this New Moon is somewhat of a chapter-closer from the eclipses last August. But that’s not entirely true. They are linked, but they are just part of the story. Today a seed is planted that is based on what we’ve learned since August, but that will be re-visited on July 31 with the final set of Aqua-Leo eclipses for this cycle (the next ones occurring around 2026).

For this New Moon, we have Venus in Pisces channeling in divine love, and Mercury in Aquarius reminding us to remember to question what we think we know, especially what we’re most stubborn about. The chance for revolutionary clarity is here, however.

There are two things I’d like to make very clear for this lunar cycle.

First: It’s time to remember your own multitudes. You are infinite. So much more than words and identities and structures. You are beyond concept and beyond mind. The mind is what has created this plane we exist in.

For this New Moon, we have the opportunity to sew seeds of change that make the best use of our personal brilliance at the collective level. We can see the island of jewels before us, and how magical a utopia we can build together. But it has to start within.

So call your consciousness home now. Invite back the parts of you that have left, be it due to traumatic fragmentation, depression, hunger, horror or loss, despair or just a random sudden jolt. Invite your essence to return to the core of your being. Welcome and breathe yourself in.  Imagine all of your energy bodies (there are layers of them wrapped all around you) full of the parts of you that have left over time, compact and cozy against your physical frame. Breathe in the fullness of you, whatever that means.

The second thing is this: It is important to also focus on the collective for this lunation. To let go of the avoidance and spiritual bypassing that also goes along with Aquarius. ‘Spiritual bypassing’ is often even done by those who do not consider themselves to be spiritual at all — it’s what happens when we avoid our emotions for any reason, avoid the dark places… avoid the reality that using the earth as a sewer is not ok… avoid the fact that continuing our rampant and ridiculous consumption of products coated in and made of life-killing plastic is not ok… accepting as fact that children are going to be killing children…. Over and over again…

Our collective way of life in Capitalist consumer culture has got to change — be it through us using our minds, hearts and intellects together to decide how it changes, or through dramatic breakdown as the earth and human-made systems that support us give way. Aquarian energy fully supports either of these methods of revolution. I know which one I choose. How about you?

Here’s the thing: our experience here on earth, as well as our technologies and the things that ail us, have been created by the mind, they can also be undone by the mind. But we have to be centered within ourselves to do that work. And we have to be centered within ourselves while also working together. We have to be warriors and revolutionaries of the heart.*

So for this New Moon Eclipse, make a wish or two, and take action. I’ll be right there with you.

*This is the myth of the Shambhala Warrior. You can watch this video to see a fantastic retelling of it.

<p><a href=”″>Joanna Macy on the Shambhala Warrior</a> from <a href=”″>Chris Landry</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



Full Moon Eclipse: Gasms for the Greater Good


Artist: Arthur De Pims

There’s so much floating around right now about this eclipse season and I highly encourage you to go look at your favorite astrologers and thinkers and see what they’re saying. I tend to try to get to the heart of the matter while looking at the collective, but I’m going to deviate this time just a little bit to focus instead on sex, resting assured that I’ve reminded you here and now that this is not the whole picture.  You should read other astrologers for their takes, too and pick what works for you!

Right now, a very simplistic but effective way to work with this Full Moon, and this eclipse season, is this: What trauma needs to be healed for you now, and in what ways can a return to the heart facilitate that?

Because it’s Aquarian trauma, we can bring in the theme of the collective. Of being an outsider. Being cast out for being different. Or just experiencing something so awful that we shut down. We fragment. We “go away,” and view our lives as if we were an outsider. Out of body, out of heart.

Because it’s Leo, we can bring in the theme of creative self-actualization that comes from the divine spark of heart genius that is YOU. The unique way you express divinity. We can bring in fun and joy. We can blend those things together to understand that the medicine right now has to do with creative energy.

More simplistic terms? Creative energy IS sexual energy. Leo is the strength that comes through learning how to channel lust and desire and fire and intuition and bring it to the surface through an orgasmic display of vision-driving artistic expression.

The result — be it a child, a song, a new arrangement of furniture, an outfit, a website, a new stroke of touch, or a dance move — not only conveys a vision to others, it inspires when it hits folks who are resonant with that energy. It ignites a flame. It draws us into our hearts and empowers us to learn to channel that energy in our own unique ways.

I sometimes go back and forth about focusing on sex in these writings. The “why” has something to do with the fact that I know many of us have periods in life where we struggle with sex for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest is because so many have experienced sexual trauma.

If I’m being honest, however, I sometimes shy away from talking about sex because I know there are some who long for sex and do not have it in the ways they want it. It brings up twinges of self doubt, loathing or sadness about not having a partner. So sex-centric writing is loaded. I’ve been in so many of those phases in my life, and I never want to ping that struggle in another human.

But here’s the thing. Leo is one of the most sexual and sex-focused signs of the zodiac. Perhaps second only to Scorpio. And to leave out sex as heart medicine is doing a disservice.

I also happen to be someone who often professes a belief that more consensual sex would probably help to save the world. Sex and touch, y’all. I’m telling ya.

Why? Well, consensual, enthusiastic sex is fucking amazing. When we explore it from a place of presence within ourselves, it teaches us about our bodies, how our energy runs, what feels good, what feels bad. That can be done with or without a partner.

When we explore it with a partner we can learn about ourselves in communion and connection. We learn about pleasure and serving and asking and giving and receiving and taking. We learn about merging.

And then we can also explore it with more than a partner. Through classes and workshops and support groups. Or through group sex, swinging sex, orgy sex, non-monogamous sex. Threesomes, foursomes and moresomes.

Or through taking the time to better understand how we are connected to so much more than ourselves and our partners by the way we engage sexuality and sex, but also by how we shun it, shame it and ridicule the practices that others love and experiment with behind closed doors. The ways we let our own traumas inform our projections and the ways we judge others when they simply take steps towards being who they are.

We get to be creative with sex and our sexual expression. We get to hone it and own it. We also get to reject or abstain from the act of sex as well — for any reason we choose.

I’m hyper aware that there is so much insidious, deep and entrenched sexual trauma in our society. It is so overwhelming.

It’s also coming forward in big ol heaps and gasps now. In the ways people are saying “if THAT’s sexual assault, I’ve been assaulted dozens of times!” (Yeah, that’s the sad, sad point). It’s coming forward as we see the nuance of the labels of predator and victim and are being asked to maturely re-imagine our systems of punishment. It’s coming forward as people step up to tell their stories — about assault and lack of access to care and abuses of power and failures of human decency all mottled together into a big ball of fucked-upedness that seems impossible to unravel.

We pit all of this against our knowledge of history  — which shows thousands of years of rape as an ingrained and inevitable part of society — and we slowly recognize just how horrendously out of our hearts we often have to be in order to deal with it all. How much we’ve been forced out of our hearts and bodies through the distortion of sexual energy over and over again. Lifetime after lifetime.

The Leo medicine of this total lunar eclipse and the 18 month cycle we’re in is a return to love, a return to the heart, a return to joy when and where we’re able, and a willingness to embrace each other. That’s the big picture.

The smaller picture, for now, for tomorrow (the eclipse/Full Moon is exact hat 5:27am Pacific Time) just might be — for you, for me — fun, celebratory, creative and enthusiastic sex. Sex within some kind of intentional container. Whether that’s a ritual or just a statement. For example? “Right now I’m going to celebrate everything I’ve been through in the past six months.”

Because, you see, this eclipse cycle is directly connected to whatever was going on for you — and within the collective — last August.

If this feels true, or fun, or relevant or empowering, go for it.

If not, that’s cool too. You do you.

Intentionality is key, however, because we always want to have some kind of container for magic. Sex can just as easily be used unconsciously or consciously as a way to avoid intimacy, dispel energy, and frenetically and compulsively drain ourselves of any hint of who we might be down at our core. Passion can distort. That’s not an inherently bad thing, but as always awareness is key.

Regardless, this Full Moon eclipse propels us into a two week eclipse window. It’s a blood moon. Can you imagine quieter times, hundreds of years ago, walking through the dead of night and looking up to see the moon had turned red? Feels eerie. Feels menacing. Feels like a portent for some thing yet to be understood.

There’s a reverence that arises when we contemplate the ways thousands of years of human evolution have been projecting that kind of meaning onto these lunations.

Partaking of what grounds and centers you now can go a long way to helping you creatively engage any shifts and changes that might come your way in the next two weeks, particularly if you have planets or angles near 11 degrees of the fixed signs.

As always, let me know if you have questions.

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An Announcement

The long version (you can scroll down for the short version at the end if you’d like):

So…it’s officially been one year since I left steady-consistent-paycheck land to venture out more fully into the world of self-employment. In some ways the choice was forced, but in other ways I felt very strongly that putting all of my energy into the work I do with astrology and depth psychology needed to happen. I’d been spreading myself way too thin for too long trying to do client work AND grant writing, and the situation in the world had gotten too dire for me to do anything other than focus on trying to create change.

lilithFor those of you who don’t know – I spent my time in grad school studying how apocalyptic imagery affects the psyche, and specific ways we can work through the overwhelm of living in apocalyptic times. Becomes more and more relevant every day, somewhat unfortunately.

Making the leap into full-fledged self-employment was the most exhilarating leap I’ve ever taken, and the combination of total terror and absolute freedom did a lot to fuel me through the fears.

I can fairly safely say that the biggest fear I had was that I would have to face a major health crisis while having zero financial safety net.

And…well, THAT happened. Fucking A, Universe.

But it worked out! And I’m still here. Still self-employed, still building a business and still fully dedicated to doing work that I feel matters. I’m incredibly lucky in so many ways.

I’m aware at some level of what I’ve given up in order to live on a very versatile income doing 1:1 client work, teaching and writing, but those are choices I’ve made and they continue to be worth it.

I recently heard someone refer to themselves as a community-made woman. Not a self-made woman. Community made. That really resonated for me. Because I know and own that the fire, drive and passion (and at times total unwillingness to look at “reality” or my bank account) that have gotten me here are the kind that stem from finding a life’s work and having the courage to follow that call. Mostly incredible. Sometimes totally isolating and full of existential dread.

But I also have So. Much. Support. In all kinds of ways. From friends and family who see what I’m trying to do and step in in so many ways all the time, but also from clients who participate in and help shape the work I do, and who keep coming back for more.

So at this point in my life, I’m regaining my balance after year one brought the health crisis I so feared— thanks so much to people in my life who said “holy shit, girl, how can I help? we got you!” — and my momentum after cancer and surgery knocked me out of orbit for a while.

But more than that, I’m focusing on building. And I’m focusing on a new project that I’m really excited about.

There’s been a thread going through my life in the past year, as I’ve dealt with what happened to my own body, but also as I’ve seen what’s going on on the world stage in regards to women’s bodies in general and sexual assault and anger, rage and grief. This thread has been repeatedly bringing up the mythology of Lilith — the original ‘wife of Adam’ who was cast out because she didn’t wanna submit. I mean, it’s way more complicated than that. And perhaps that’s the point.

So! It’s time to write a book. I’m gonna be writing one alongside astrologer Sarrah Christensen. The topic will be Lilith (MOST likely just Black Moon Lilith, but we’ll see) in astrology.

I think the part I’m most excited about is that we want to focus on the applicationsLilith art 6 of working with Lilith in the natal chart — through embodied, experiential shadow work that focuses on helping people integrate the parts of themselves that they have disowned. With or without astrology.

The contents of the book will likely shift and change over time, but our four main focuses are: mythology; what’s happening on the world stage; Lilith in individual natal charts/stories; applications of the work.

In order to get this done — hopefully within this year, but I know better than to strictly adhere to concrete timelines with stuff like this — I’m hoping to expand my Patreon base. Because I am indeed a community made woman, and having the level of consistent support a monthly paycheck provides is *everything*.

Patreon is a platform that allows folks to support artists. The idea is that the world needs creative types to be able to create because art and creativity fuel the visionary thinking and dreaming that helps us to progress as a culture…

… but the world also doesn’t support the necessity of creativity in ways that ensure creators have access to…oh, you know, food and shelter.

But better than that, it allows creators to give incentives for support. I love this because it holds me accountable to the work. My supporters have expectations based on the level they sign up at. AND they get guidance. They get to participate at whatever level they want.

Or — and this is probably most relevant for those of you who aren’t into astrology, consciousness shifting or depth psychology — they can just support me with a financial pledge and then ignore the rest.

So this is a longwinded way of bringing you up to speed. I’ll still be doing 1:1 sessions, classes and workshops, New and Full moon writings…and the hours of administrative work it takes to be a full-time soul worker astrologer type. But everything will be revolving around this project for a while.

So if you want to and are able…please do consider becoming a Patron. Just to support me. Or to begin to participate in your own journey a little more fully or differently as well.

Or don’t! If you’re interested in the work but not able or willing to do the financial backing thing, I also really really love talking about this material and would love to just be able to give voice to it and share insights with you.

Thanks for reading

The Short Version:

I’m gonna be writing a book! Which is really exciting. I’ll be working with fellow astrologer Sarrah Christensen, and we’re going to be focusing on understanding Lilith in the natal chart. But more than that, it’s going to allow me to develop a more structured process for doing shadow integration work — that is, helping folks to reclaim and work with the parts of themselves they’ve disowned, denied, repressed. The parts that are angry, hating and grieving. I’m looking for support of my Patreon campaign to ensure my ability to get this work done.

Capricorn New Moon: Endurance & Legacy

Tuesday, January 16th at 6:17pm Pacific Time, we’ll have the first New Moon of the year — and it’s one that packs a lot of intention-setting punch. Taking place in Capricorn alongside Venus, the Sun and Pluto, with Saturn, Mercury and Black Moon Lilith also inhabiting the sign, we have a chance to commit to goals and structures that support the legacy we’re leaving on this earth.

Here’s the thing, y’all. I haven’t taught either of my “Astrology of 2018” classes yet, but I’m pretty sure the sweeping theme for the year is: Time to get shit done.

archeontarotuniverseThis New Moon is a fantastic one to use for intention setting that supports that goal in practical and concrete ways. And because we do have so much Capricorn energy involved, I think I can say once again what I say all the time but with more gravity (and hopefully just as much love):
There is no more time to waste in our avoiding/ dismissing/ ignoring/ rationalizing/downplaying efforts. We’re past even the make or break point in our collective evolution. At this moment we need the absolute commitment of every soul with even the foggiest awareness that our society is not going good places, and we need them to commit to concrete, real world change. Now.

Committing to concrete, practical, real world creation is exactly what Capricorn is best at.

Capricorn and its ruling planet, Saturn, are both about the structures that support a society. Capricorn is very much about our root, and our root chakra, and what allows us to stand upright from a place of groundedness in this world. It is the energy of feeling safe and secure in the world and building accordingly.

The most basic support of a society is found within us — it is our bones, which are associated with Capricorn. Bones are strong, y’all. They provide full structural support to the mysteries of anatomy and allow us to move through this world. Capricorn is also associated with teeth, the part of our skeletal system that is even stronger than bones. Bones and teeth guarantee our survival. Without them, our security needs are much more difficult to get met. Same thing with the societal depictions of Capricorn structures. Necessities such as trash collection and sewage systems. Both individuals and societies need infrastructure, and Capricorn is where we recognize the mastery needed to build these infrastructures, and we do the hard work of getting it done.

Capricorn is also about legacy. What is the legacy we will leave on this earth, as individuals and as a society?

In the past few years we’ve been experiencing Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. We’ve been asked to restructure and reexamine our beliefs and truths. Now Saturn has entered Capricorn and we’re being asked to (re)build based on what we found there. In Capricorn, we consolidate our beliefs and truths into the institutions and infrastructures that give form to society. Transitioning those beliefs into manifest reality is hard. Capricorn loves that shit. But that building has to come from a place of meaning. That’s where we get the heart energy to drive all that building. It has to mean something. It needs a legacy attached to it — a reason. Reason that gives integrity.

As meaning gets distorted, integrity degrades. We clear land and build buildings that are consumed by mold within a year (see: Seattle’s housing boom).

So there’s the rub. And the rub is this: Sagittarius is associated with natural law. It’s where we get to know truths and our own beliefs hopefully based in resonance with what is best for the earth and all beings in it. Natural law has a lot to do with core values of giving, sharing, connection and interdependence. According to natural law, to everything there is a season, a reason. When we are tapped into the truth that we are all connected beings on individual journeys we remember that love and respect must be always at the core of all things.

Ideally speaking, then, in Capricorn, we build with those truths in mind. There is power in that realization.

And Capricorn is very much about power. The power of the heart to fuel the bones into mastering the Great Work.

Or the power of the material world to claim our psyches and distort our survival fears into control mechanisms that consolidate power in the hands of the few. And my oh my how we’ve seen the ways those in power resist when their power — in its corrupt and distorted form — is threatened. That’s the lesson of Pluto’s 22 year journey through Capricorn (we’re about half way through, folks).

Tools such as tarot help us to understand these principles more deeply. In the traditional tarot deck, the Devil card, which corresponds with Capricorn,  is depicted as two humans standing with chains around their necks and wrists. They are weighted down by their chains, strapped to the toils of the physical realm. Silly thing is, the chains are all loose. They could take them off.

Capricorn can toil. It can get mired in hard work. It can get attached to the ego identity of being The One Who Works Harder Than Anyone Oh Woe Is Me. But those chains also remind us that we do have bodies and we do have to tend to them.

Another tarot deck depicts the Devil as a figure manipulating the strings of a marionette – who has a pair of scissors in its pocket for easy clippings. Externalization of power through social conditioning. That’s a loaded Capricorn sentiment.


From the Cosmic Tribe Tarot

My personal favorite is the image depicted in the Cosmic Tribe Tarot. It is that of a green bodied, orange haired god Pan, tongue sticking out, playing on the earth. With multiple symbols of sex and penetration, it reminds us of the fun of the material form, and the great gift of mastering sexual/creative energy for movement and manipulation on the earth. In this version, we see a Devil stripped of Judeo-Christian bullshit (sorry, it’s not all bullshit, but I’m submersed in an unapologetic writing frenzy), and whittled down to the reminder — we GET to play here on this earth in these meat suits. We get to revel in the pleasures of the body and the material world. We get to feel our primal instincts rising up to meld with our beautiful conscious minds through the vehicles of our bodies and build really cool, significant, respectful and beautiful structures as monuments to what we love and celebrate and need and desire.

Pan reminds us to play in the pleasures of the flesh.

But we also have to respect. Our bodies as home (that’s the Capricorn-Cancer axis) and our earth as mother (aaaaand that’s the Capricorn-Cancer axis as well).

We also get to remember that if we get stuck in all that — if we whittle all of our existence down to JUST the material world, just this one element (earth!), and forget the meaning behind it all, we will fall into chains. We will fall into fear. We will feel the gravity of Saturn’s forced maturation process.

In the meantime, however, we rationalize and justify using the bones and skin of other humans for the sake of the progress of our institutions — which are based in conquest, oppression and blood. That’s shadow Capricorn.

Because the physical, mechanistic world is NOT everything.

Amazing how our culture’s worship of the material world exists alongside our total inability to accept that we are using said material world as a sewer and other humans as slaves. Even more amazing how difficult it is for individuals to recognize that they can be both good-hearted and still complicit in this system.

Capricorn denial is hard and entrenched and full of long, deep shadows based in self-judgment, criticism and loathing. We then consolidate those shadows and fears into an external figure — a Christian Devil. And we externalize our redemption process into an external savior. Jesus. Our family and friends. Our bank account.

So! What does right power and right responsibility look like? How do we use all of that Capricorn integrity and commitment to hard work sustainably?

It starts within, but within a framework or mission to serve. To build something. To leave a legacy on this earth that is reflective of our values. We take responsibility for our commitment to fixing the mess we’re in as individuals, but individuals within a society. Which means there’s help! Hooray!

So for this Capricorn New Moon, it’s time to set an intention that is in resonance with the long term goals for your life.

Don’t know what they are? Use this cycle to figure it out or make progress in that adventure.

Got other, more pressing concerns? The biggest fears we have often stem from a fear of not having our basic survival needs met. It is ok to focus on that. If your body, housing, financial situations are making you feel afraid for your survival, you can and should attend to that. Fit them into the umbrella of the larger picture: Got body stuff going on? This is a GREAT New Moon to focus on building routines that support the health of your bones and body. Got mental health stuff going on? Extend to yourself an offer to practice self care for the next month. Commit. See what works. Come back. Revise. Try again.

Examine the ways your life’s legacy is impacting the world for future generations. Try to imagine impacts and consequences. Accept, love and recognize yourself without judgment for the good and the bad.

There is a finality to Cappy, a grouchiness. Once we’ve cultivated the commitment to change, recognizing how long it can take can be depressing! So we have to remember to PLAY. Like Pan!

Remember to nurture.

There’s a wild card here, though — that’s important to note. This New Moon kicks of two lunar cycles that have…

…drum roll please…


Yes, we’re entering another eclipse season. Remember the last one? It was in August, and therefore the coming weeks will likely refer back to whatever it was going on in your life then, especially if you have planets or angles in your chart in mid-to-late Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio).

Which brings us to the final (for today) lesson about Capricorn. I touched on it a bit earlier, but it’s worth re-stating. Capricorn is very much about power. Because you bet yer sweet ass those institutions and infrastructures you’re building hold power, just as your bones form the framework for your body’s movement.

You get power, sure, but then how do you use it? You use it in ways that benefit society and others. You have to be grounded, rooted and secure in your understanding of natural law and how it can and should and does feed into human laws.

In Capricorn, power has a lot to do with our ego’s attachment to the structures. To the ways things are. To the status quo and the conditioning it takes – physical, emotional, societal – to keep those structures in power. We dig in, thinking we are defined by our Great Work. We dig in, thinking that all that has meaning is whether our grandchildren carry our name and our money. We take personal affront when our legacy is dismantled to make way for something new — even if that new thing is more reasonable. Sometimes Capricorn wants to consolidate power. There is a time and a place for that, but wisdom demands that we get clear on the costs.

It demands that we get clear on ways we can be a good person participating in systems that make us complicit in enslaving others and destroying our ecosystem. It demands we accept we might be wrong, and that’s OK. We accept it with maturity and course correct. Capricorn brings the endurance of commitment.

In Capricorn,we can also access the power to change those things. But we might have to make adjustments and let go. This eclipse season can help us understand what needs to go and what needs to be rebuilt.

So. What do you want to put your energy into?

Use this New Moon to get clear about that.
HINT: Don’t get attached to what you’ve created. Let it go. You are not that thing, you are not defined by it.

And going back to the last eclipse season: How is that divine spark within you doing? How can you offer it up to the collective?

What will be on your tombstone? Ah. There’s a great Capricornian visual metaphor.

Remember: The wisdom of Capricorn helps us understand the value of incremental change and work – there are no shortcuts. So set your path, plan for milestones (and the celebration of them!) and be flexible. Adapt and grow. But remember your values. And that growth has limits and has to be calculated and in harmony with surrounding systems.

There is an incredible joy that comes from a job well done and from viewing or participating in a finished product. Some of the work we have to do now will be finished after we’re gone, but it is important to remember that joy. That’s where we get some of the fuel for willpower!


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New Moon in Sagittarius: From Spark to Flame

Here we are… the last New Moon of 2017. The last New Moon before Saturn shifts into Capricorn. A New Moon that to me is starting to feel like a big, galactic burst of hope before the real work begins.


Sagittarius is the burst of hope and light that comes after the underworld journey of Scorpio. We emerge from the torrents, having been tossed around, dismembered, diseased, stripped bare and liquified, and we face the light again. We breathe in. Our hearts explode and we realize the TRUTH!

And then after Sagittarius comes Capricorn…where we take our beliefs and truths and concretize them into the laws and structures that govern our society. We rise to the occasion of committing to the Great Work. We finally understand how to master the material world, and we build.

But…Real Work? Great Work? What a Saturn-in-Capricorn thing to say! It’s all relative, isn’t it? And “The TRUTH?” What? What kind of hubris is it that allows one to think they know The Truth?

But, really. That “Real Work” thing. So many have been really working for so long now… what does it even mean to say “now the real work begins”?

Well, my friends, I am using a bit of dramatic license here. But I’m sure many of you can feel the truth of it. You feel the gravity of this moment in history down to your core. And to those who feel that truth, I’ll take it one step further:

Every time I think of Saturn’s journey through Capricorn in the next three years, one word comes to mind: Reckoning.

In its most mundane form, the word reckoning simply refers to settlements, billing, accounting.  Calculating. Reconciling.

But it’s also a word that has strong undertones. All kinds of Judeo-Christian threads run through the word, its meanings and our reactions to it. Ripples of retribution, punishment, accounting for past mistakes, being seen wholly for who we are and what we’ve done. Judgement. Fear. Pain.

In the Tarot, The Last Judgment card refers to reckoning, and to total and complete paradigm shift. The transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament. From an earth-centered model of the universe to a sun-centered one to the realization that we are infinitesimally tiny specks of nothing (or light? Or carbon? Or love?)  in a universal landscape so huge we cannot even conceptualize it.

Astrology is an extraordinarily powerful thing. Astrologers hold extraordinary power. Because of this, we have to learn to be impeccable with our words. That’s the Gemini side of the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity. We have to learn to communicate truth while understanding that the very words we use ripple out and help to create the future we proclaim to be “predicting” or speaking to or guiding towards or providing insight into. Words are incredibly potent conveyors of meaning. They are meticulously arranged carriers of archetypal energy.

Because of this, I have to think it through when I use words like “reckoning.” Or before I say things like this:

We are standing on the precipice of something so vast and great right now. As a culture, as a species, as inhabitants of a shared earth. We’ve been here at this precipice for a while now, but our concept of time warps our understanding of reality. We feel the pressure of this void we’re facing – the abyss in front of us. A vast unknowing. What comes after Capitalism? After institutionalized sexual harassment, assault and misogyny? What comes after the ecosystem collapses? Or nuclear war is waged by tantrumming men with buttons to push?

What comes after this moment in time?

How can we ever deem to know?

We can’t. But we can actively be present with our choices, emotions, feelings, thoughts and experiences in this moment. We can re-commit to ourselves, to each other, to love, sharing, and healing. Through reclaiming discernment, reconciliation and judgment without pain, punishment and shame we can navigate this paradigm shift consciously and with intention. We can harness the strength of not knowing the concrete manifestations of our future while acknowledging cycles and history and context and the wisdom of the stars which help us understand what themes are arising while giving us the freedom to choose how we interact with those themes.

So what have you learned during Saturn’s time in Sagittarius since late 2014? How have your beliefs and truths been challenged and tested and revised and let go of and re-committed to?

How are your new beliefs going to serve as a guidepost for you as you commit to the hard work that needs to be done in the coming years? What spark of light is going to guide you? How can you learn to feel that spark and where it resides within your being? How can you allow it to grow until you can feel it with your whole heart, and then your whole body and your whole being so you can always tap into it, even when it gets dark?

And where does “the dark” fit into that as well?

Honesty. Struggle. Triumph. Faith.

Where have you lost faith, and where has faith grown? What does that word even mean?

And what has transformed for you in the past month? Since that last New Moon on November 17? What still needs to be released and flushed down the drain in the remaining hours of this lunar cycle? What desires have we finally exhausted enough to just say goodbye to permanently but with a commitment to remembering in ways that remind us of our stories and their lessons without drawing us back in to old scripts? How can we drop our addiction to the drama of retelling our trials over and over again?

I usually send out a guide for the New Moon. With open sentences and suggestions for oils and stones and altar items and all kinds of left brain goodness. For this New Moon, I will tell you what I’m going to do as an example and I’m going to encourage you to use your right brain. What does your intuition tell you you can do now to nurture the spark of hope within your heart, even if it’s dormant, latent or dim?

I myself am going to burn sage throughout my home. I’m going to light candles and take deep breaths. I’m going to sit in a bath where I’ll add a salt mixture a dear friend made for me at the Scorpio New Moon, and I will intend to let go of the last traces of what I’ve been working to release this cycle. I’ll fill in the empty spaces with celebratory energy and memories of the incredible things that have happened in the past month. I’m going to breathe into the spaces within me that feel the bittersweetness of living through “the end times” and that feel grief for how sad it is that we cannot seem to get our collective shit together.

I’m going to call to mind the ocean. Quiet valleys. Prairielands. Mountaintops. The blackness of space. The unfathomable infinity of spiral galaxies and alternate dimensions, lower worlds and upper worlds. So that I can remember all that exists without us. So that I can feel that truth.

I’m going to walk the edges of my own faith as if it were water lapping at my feet, recognizing that nothing is static. Everything ebbs and flows.

Then I’m going to pull the plug on the bathtub, let it all drain out, and then cuddle up with my partner knowing that I am committed to doing the work I’m here to do on this earth. And that some of you are on that path with me. And there is such power within us…

The Details: New Moon on December 17 at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius; 10:30pm Pacific

Conjunct Venus, Saturn and the Galactic Center; Square Chiron; Trine Uranus

You can read more about creating your own New Moon Ritual here:


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Gemini Full Moon (Part 1)

Hello, my dears…
The Full Moon in Gemini is exact Sunday (December 3) at 7:46am Pacific Time with the Sun at 11 degrees Sagittarius and the Moon opposite it at 11 degrees Gemini.
The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is part of the mutable cross, with Gemini as the air sign of the bunch and Sagittarius as the fire sign. This axis represents the dynamic of perception-thought-speech that creates and communicates knowledge on the Gemini side — it’s the left brain goodness — and then the dynamic of intuition, wisdom and belief on the Sagittarius side of things — that’s the right brain goodness.


I’m drawn to a few distinct features of this New Moon. And although there’s a lot (more appropriately stated, a fuck ton) going on astrologically, my job is to break it down into metabolizable parts for you.
First, it takes place less than 24 hours after Mercury stations retrograde, also in Sagittarius.
Second, it takes place at the very end of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius.
What comes through most clearly from that combination? Well, time to review your beliefs. Yes, again. You could start with a review of the beliefs that pertain to the houses the Full Moon lights up in your chart.
It could also, however, be helpful to review your beliefs in regards to whatever your New Moon intention was. The New Moon that took place two weeks ago in Scorpio. When we bring this factor in, we’re able to also bring in the emotional side of things. The emotions tied to our thoughts and communication styles, as well as the emotional content of our intuition.
Because everything is connected and everything works in cycles, another handy tip would be to look back at what was being seeded in your life, intentionally or not, with the Gemini New Moon that happened six months ago. For those of you who were around this site and paying attention then, here are the free writing questions I set out for you then:
What new information is coming in in the area of life where the new moon falls? Or just in general?
What ideas do I need to let go of?
What am I perceiving now?
Where have I been lying to myself?
Where am I ready for truth?
How has my ability to speak my truth been wounded?
In what areas of life do I experience double standards? What about hypocrisy?
Where do I hold contradicting views? How can I integrate these?
But let’s take it a step further. As Saturn prepares to enter Capricorn, the sign of its rulership (where it’s real, real strong) we are facing the codification of the beliefs that held up, changed and arose during the past three years. More than that, though — we’re facing stark reality checks.
And if the fact that a racist, misogynist, sexual predator with no qualifications was elected to the most powerful position in the world was not reality check enough to spur concrete action…
…and if the fact that our congress just voted to break the American people wasn’t reality check enough to shock the bulk of us out of our compliance and comfort…
Well, I feel fairly certain Saturn in Capricorn has some more sobering reality checks in store. And I do not mean that as a threat or as predictive manipulation. Just hard, cold reality.
As with the Gemini-Sagittarius lunar cycle from June, I would highly recommend journaling, writing, communicating, singing and using your voice for this full moon. Put on your favorite song and sing along at the top of your lungs. Non-dominant hand writing is also appropriate, as it mixes the right brain with the left.
The other thing? Well, dreams have been pretty active lately. This is due to a trine between Jupiter and Neptune, with Jupiter literally expanding the dreamworld. What have your dreams been saying? You don’t even necessarily have to recall the specific details, especially if there’s a ton of them. You can just tune into the themes, emotions and feelings you have when you wake up from them.
The recorded “guided meditation” for this Full Moon, available to Patrons at the $20+ levels each month, will take you through some time travel, but will also help you revisit the Full Moon Meditation from that Full Moon in Sagittarius last June where we went on a quest to find an object or symbol that represents a piece of wisdom or truth that needs to be revealed to you now. You can revisit that recording or listen to it for the first time now by going here:
Part 2 will also include some Open Sentence questions for free-writing. Because…well…Gemini.
But really, y’all. What wisdom is it that you are uncovering through the experiences of your life, what new knowledge have you gained in the past 6 months that needs to be integrated into your life, what beliefs need an overhaul as a result of that wisdom, and how can you use it to contribute to positive action and change?
And how can you take a moment to celebrate your connections, your friends, your loves? Jupiter and Neptune trining each other are also sending us the opportunity for bubbles of bliss, so feel free to indulge in that too if you can and want to. I myself will be spending the Full Moon itself in a bath with some custom made salts a dear friend made for me based on the Scorpio New Moon. Fortunate, ecstatic bliss. That’s Jupiter and Neptune.
Til next time…
Be well.
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Why Astrology, Why Now?

Did you know that astrology is so much more than newspaper horoscopes and prediction? Although a well-written horoscope can definitely be helpful…

Did you know astrology can be used as a way to understand social movements and what’s going on with the collective? It can even give insights into your place in those movements.

Did you know that a good astro consult can be like the equivalent of many years of psychotherapy, allowing you to dig in, get validation, understand and change patterns?

Did you know that astrology (in my humble opinion, at least) is best used as a way to craft important questions rather than a way to try to predict some concrete reality in your future? And that this distinction is imperative in empowering you to co-create your reality and claim free will?

Did you know that giving yourself permission to see yourself embedded in an interconnected and vastly magical universe is a sign of maturity and of positive movement towards living a meaningful life?

Have you been looking for a practitioner who understands these things and can guide you through the depths rather than bypassing them?

Well, I’m here (I’m queer). And I love this work. And I believe astrology is one of many tools that can help us to get past our shit so that we can rise to the urgent occasion of working our way out of the collective mess we’re in. It empowers you to participate in your life rather than handing your power over to someone else.

To that end, today (November 27, 2017) I’m offering 50% off all services booked and paid for today. 

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Scorpio New Moon Part Two: Regeneration

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Death. The inevitable, the unavoidable. Death stakes her claim on each of us at some point, returning us to dirt, to ash, to water, to star dust.

Death is a looming specter. She stalks, she waits. Patient. Kind? Inescapable.

scorpiophoenixOr perhaps not. Perhaps death is just a thing. That happens. In bed, perhaps. While asleep. Or in a hospital. Or quite suddenly and without preparation. Just suffering. And then life is done. Gone. Over. Complete.

How sad.

Oh, to be part of a culture with more robust stories and understandings of death. Instead we exist in a world where we’re increasingly separate from understanding of death, from ways to relate to the one inevitable factor of life. Death is sterilized, commodified, pushed underneath the surface, out of sight. Stripped down in an attempt to pretend it does not affect us while we’re alive.

We become parts to be donated. Or a shell to be buried and preserved for a while. For some reason. For what reason?

Our relationships with our dead loved ones are severed, our histories erased. Even our culture’s predominant religion has stripped death of its necessary textures and landscapes, relegating the afterlife to a fluffy fantasy of an old white man in the sky.

And yet…there is a pervasiveness to death. Paradoxically, our culture is one that builds monuments to outlast our flesh suits while destroying the environment that plays home to those monuments. We increasingly rely on medicines and band-aids to make our lives last longer even as we poison the waters and airs that feed our bodies.

We are frantic to escape the unknown realms of the dead. As if they existed separate from us.

The ability to control death is the ultimate power. And so far, that power has not been mastered, although some very terrifying weaponry straight out of the hellworlds has emerged as a salve to our utter helplessness. Our powerlessness.

But what is the power that arises out of powerlessness? Ultimately, we are powerless to escape death. What force of will arises from that quandary? In a culture that perceives death as final and absolute, that focuses on legacies made of fake green paper and structures that will collapse, the quality of that will is oftentimes brute and temper tantruming, unconscious and grasping. Lost in oversimplifications of value based in an increasingly disenchanted existence.

But what if our understanding of death was different? What if rather than ultimate annihilation we were able to perceive cycles, reconnect with our ancestors both past and future, listen to the thousands of years of understanding we’d now label as reincarnational frameworks?

Would we then cycle through power dynamics with more grace and a deeper understanding of the forces at play? Would we hear the wisdom in the stories of those who came before and build upon it, even when it meant breaking it down and starting over?

Would we understand that it is never acceptable to leave the earth less healthy and vibrant than it was when we entered it? Would we remember that money is not the ultimate value or measure of worth, never as powerful as love, equity, sharing, justice and caring? Because life is fleeting, but also because it will return?

Science is even catching up. Although it uses a different language — that of DNA and genetics and physics — it is beginning to catch up to the age-old understanding that trauma is stored in the body, in our genetic material. The phobias of our grandmothers might become the phobias of our daughters. Trauma lodges in the body. Trauma also lodges in the soul, and the soul is…regenerative.

Ah, regeneration. If we are going to assign keywords to Scorpio, we can indeed use death, chaos, transformation. But there’s something else there… as the dismemberment of the underworld takes place, we are then rearranged into something new. Maybe within a lifetime, maybe over eons of time…

What would it be like to live in a regenerative culture? What is the difference between the death cult we’ve all (some of us quite unconsciously) bought into, sustainable culture, and regenerative culture?

In many ways we do exist in a regenerative culture. We regenerate horrors, traumas, wars and sexual assaults over and over and over again. We are unconsciously regenerative in our insolent denial of cycles and patterns.

So, real questions for a more positive regenerative culture: Do you want to sustain the way things are, or do you want to transform them? Do you want to stick to the same old values or reconnect over the old/new ones that harness the power of interconnection and regeneration?

There is an uncomfortable quality to this Scorpio New Moon. Are you sensing change? Crisis? Discomfort or melancholy that might be hard to get at or understand? Are you flitting from one thing to the next in active avoidance? Or brooding and moody? Are you listening to the signals your body and soul are sending about what is healthy for you now?

When we have strong Scorpio in our charts, or when Scorpio is heavy on the world stage as it is now,  we’re more attuned to the undercurrents — and the ways people tend to avoid, ignore and cover up those undercurrents. When do we dig for the truth? When do we let it go?  

Because it feels the deepest ripples of human experience and the parts that don’t get acknowledged, when Scorpio is emphasized we can become suspicious. We sense…something…but don’t know what it is and want to dig to get to the core. Figuring out honest intuition versus clawing that is based in a need to control the unseen and to make the unexpected obvious — because it feels like a matter of life or death — are different things.

Sometimes we just have to remember that there is no controlling the barrel of the tidal wave. There is no escaping death. Surrender has to occur at some point, and oftentimes in life it is a matter of knowing when to try to control, and when to just…let go.

It’s difficult when we have such deeply buried memories of the deepest traumas to the soul. The traumas that reside in our physical bodies and our emotional ones as well. The ones that, pushed down and avoided, begin to control the show. Memories of abandonment, betrayal, grief and loss begin to stir, and become conflated with our death fears. And so we claw, cling and attempt to control. To get away from the impending storm. From the unknown. From death.

The deaths, large and small, that have claimed us before are never the same as the deaths, large and small, that face us now. Sometimes our bodies, our relationships, our cultures, just have to die. They run their course. We have to let them go.

But we get to rebuild. Somehow. Someway. We get to dig in, find our core strength, and rise from the ashes to create something new. To regenerate.

In this new lunar cycle, the importance of being honest about what we desire is imperative. We have an incredible opportunity to dive deep and get clear about the ways the desires of our ego are in support of or in conflict with the desires of our soul. We do this through reconnection with our emotional bodies, our sexuality, our ancestors and our shadows. We do this through owning our anger and being aware of the insidious nature of projection and the ways it can form a dark and distorted mirror that reflects our inner worlds back to us.

We do this through recognizing that when we are casting blame and pointing fingers and feeling deep feelings, there is something of what we are persecuting within ourselves. And that that thing — the murder, rapist, villain within us — will always be around, but becomes less harmful and destructive when we know what its energy feels like when it is arising within us. That is true shadow work — uncovering the disowned parts of ourselves and bringing them to light so that they can be worked with consciously rather than controlling the show from far below.

So this lunar cycle, ground and center. Invoke all the elements and your helpful, healing allies and ancestors for support. Burn the old desires and all fears of survival that are keeping you from your soul. Invite in regeneration and creativity and change. Be aware of psychic poisons that are emerging — like shame and anger and rage — feel them if you can, and then set them out to sea to be healed by the constant change of the ocean of consciousness.

Scorpio gives us a chance at penetrating insight, honesty and transformation. And although its tendency towards extremity can become compulsive, it is in fact to say that we are at a life-or-death moment in our collective evolution. And there is still time to take an active role in how that death proceeds.


(See:Toward Regenerative Society: Plan for Rapid Transition

Full Moon in Taurus 2017

Friday, November 3 at 10:22PM Pacific Time we have a Full Moon. The Sun will be at 12 degrees Scorpio while the Moon is at 12 degrees Taurus.

This is the time of year when the veil is thin. We are closer to the other side as the dark descends in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the time of the witch, of casting spells and of lighting candles in honor of the ones who came before — our dearly departed and our ancestors. And perhaps it is the time of listening to their voices and their legacies.

witchesDuring this season we are reminded of death. We cannot escape it, swirling around vibrantly as the light fades and the leaves turn blood red and fall. But even absent those drastic changes, we are attuned to seasonal cycles in our marrow and in our bones. Our souls know. Our witchy DNA remembers: this life is fleeting and will come to an end amidst larger cycles we don’t always understand.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis is associated with life and death. It’s a polarity of extremes, and can therefore often trigger intense emotion, transformation and chaos. It can remind us of our primary fears, many of which are rooted in our fear of death. The shadow of this fear haunts us always whether conscious or not.

What does it look like to have our Scorpio-style karma and patterns triggered? We externalize our power. We become compulsively addicted to chaos and transformation. In Scorpio, the codependency formed in Libra becomes a fixation, a bond that we will not release no matter what happens — until death. We will not release it because of fear of death. Fear loss, or that we will die from grief. We hang on out of  fear of facing ourselves, and because all of our past abandonments and betrayals still ripple around us, reminding our energy bodies of the pain of loving and then losing.

Even then, after we die, sometimes it is only our bodies that let go. Compulsion takes a stronghold on the soul as we fixate on the Other as if they were the ultimate source of meaning, beyond the grave and into the next adventure. We elevate the one who we’ve mistakenly come to associate with our power. Without them…we die. Or we believe we will. 

In shadow Taurus, then, we retreat inside. We isolate, we hunker down and shut out the world. As a matter of survival. As a way to avoid and ignore. We get stuck. We lose sight of larger truths. We see in black and white.

Alas, these energies provide the medicine as well.

The Sun in Scorpio shines brightest when it is digging deep, with its acute ability for psychological understanding and therefore transformation. It is the leading force in our evolution, and it is only through the emotional body that we’re able to truly transform old patterns and move on to new ones.

In Scorpio, we learn more about who we are and are not through coming up against our limitations and then trying to push through them. Through meeting and merging with another and fumbling around in the touches. Through going through the portal of death and recognizing the fertile regeneration that lies on the other side.

We need Taurus for that work. Taurus holds the secret to withstanding the torrents of the Scorpio tidal wave. The Moon in Taurus is said to be in its exaltation. The Moon tells us about what we need to feel secure, and Taurus is all about security. In Taurus, we reclaim our sovereignty. We go back to the roots of the Venusian archetype, which gets too mottled and externalized in Libra, so that we can remember that in order to truly love another we must first love our own selves. We must find our resources within and come to terms with what we value so that we can base all that we do in there, building self-worth from the inside out.

We also come back home in Taurus, back into our bodies. Where Scorpio is all about sexuality, Taurus is about sensuality. The feeling of coconut oil being rubbed into shoulders and feet, the smell of roses, the taste of chocolate and wine. The sound of a guitar being played by a person sitting in the grass underneath a tree. Taurus is slowed down simplicity, deep breathing and fully embodied, heavy and blissful peace.

Yes, it’s far easier to feel emotionally secure and willing to stand our ground from a place of solid and stable inner power when we get Taurus right.

Witches know the importance of Scorpio and of fearlessness facing the dark as we plunge through cycles of transformation and chaos. But more than that, they know that in order to actualize the desires of the soul, as represented by Scorpio, we must do it from a place of embodied personal power. Our root chakra must be open and strong so that our roots can grow deep.

Here we recognize that we must commit to existence in a vessel made of flesh and bone. That will die. Even if our essence does not.

So for this Full Moon – what’s been pushing you into chaos? What’s the most simple remedy you can think of? In what areas of your life are you just waiting until it ‘hurts enough’ to choose to change, and why are you playing it that way (and don’t worry, we all do that for reasons I’ll never understand — myself included!). Where have you made an external thing, or person, or way of knowing more powerful than your own core — and how can you let that go? Where has codependency become destructive fixation?

You’re supported now in using your voice, in casting your spells, in enjoying some rich and sensuous sex magic (alone or with others) and in some deep, belly laughs right smack dab in the face of death.

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First Quarter Moon: Scorpio/Aquarius

Seems to be some serious releasing going on out there, and Mercury’s doing their job of bringing deep truths to light while they flit through Scorpio, so… it’s apparently one of those lunar cycles where I’ll be writing each week just to check in.

Today, right about the time I publish this piece, we’ll be at the first quarter of the current cycle. The quarter moon’s are often referred to as crises in action. They are adjustment points that occur one and three weeks after the New Moon.

The energy of this first quarter moon is ripe. Maybe not for everyone, but if you’re someone who’s drawn to this particular piece of writing, or who works with me on the reg, I’m guessing you’re experiencing it in that way. The question is: can you locate yourself in the current transformation, recognizing that it is temporary and that if you’re getting tossed around something important is trying to rise to the surface? Can you make room for whatever that is?

Currently, we have the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio. These two signs exist in tension with one another, but it’s not the balancing tension of an opposition (like Aquarius and Leo or Scorpio and Taurus). Often these energies feel like they’re working at cross purposes with each other, like they can’t be reconciled. The Sun in Scorpio, being super amped by Jupiter, is saying “Evolve! Change! Go into and through the transformation! Feel your emotions deeply!  Face the chaos of the dark!” and the Moon in Aquarius is urging detachment, objectivity, perspective and logic.

The combination of Scorpio and Aquarius happens to be one of my personal favorites. Remember, all aspects are about integration — all seemingly conflicting life situations are asking us to find the middle ground, the third thing in the tension of the opposites. Ideally speaking, we can feel deeply and go into and through transformation with emotional honesty and self-reliance. Then, we can emerge and use that logic function to process and make meaning and figure out what was going on there.

Because this lunar cycle started with the Libra-Aries axis and lots of Uranian energy, we know that the themes of the NOW have to do with the interplays between relationship and individual autonomy along with a need to liberate from the patterns within those areas of life that are keeping us from authentic self expression. Adding Scorpio into the mix (so much Scorpio!) to me speaks of deepening awareness of our truths when it comes to our most intimate relationships.

Remembering, of course, that ultimately speaking your most intimate relationship is the one you have with yourself.

So I guess that goes to say: if you’re experiencing deep emotion right now, you’re right on track. If you’re experiencing deep emotion in regards to your relationships, you’re right on track. But there are other themes that seem to be arising — what is your relationship to your own truth at the deepest possible levels? What are your beliefs about death — of body, of relationship, of life cycle, of material things?

What needs to die so that whatever was seeded at last week’s New Moon can come to fruition?

If I had to whittle down the root cause of the sickness of our culture, I’d say it all boils down to a refusal to face the reality of death. One of the blessings of the year-long Jupiter in Scorpio transit we’ve just entered is that it will very likely force the issue of understanding our cultural beliefs around death. That work starts with each individual at the personal level.

There’s another piece to this story that has to do with the placement of the Lunar Nodes in Aquarius and Leo right now. We as a species are currently working through a whole heck of a lot of collective karma. The basic wisdom behind this transit is asking us to heal the places where trauma has caused us to flee or freeze, to shut down and go somewhere else. That’s the shadow of Aquarius. We’re facing a collective liberation into the heart — that’s the Leo medicine. We’re unfreezing.

Here’s the thing — coming into the heart is in fact a beautiful thing. What we don’t tend to talk about, however, is how painful a process it can be. When your heart is shut down for years (or millennia), its awakening can feel brutal. Scary. Overwhelming.

So if trauma triggers are coming up for you now, they’re most likely rolling through in big waves of Scorpio intensity. The Aquarian piece here is asking for objectivity, yes, but without automatic dissociation. It’s asking us to go through the emotion, yes, but to try to avoid getting stuck there. Feel the feelings, and then let them go. Tap back into the bigger picture. Which is, in another oversimplified statement: Returning to the heart for the sake of healing the world.

Really. It’s true!

And it’s worth revisiting that Lilith-ian stuff from my New Moon article. There’s a lot of rage arising for many folks, too! Rage that can lead to big time grief. Anger sometimes keeps us sane when the grief gets too big. So be gentle with yourself when you can, please and thank you.

Suggestions for help with intensity if you’re feeling it? Deep breaths. Lots of water. Grounding stones like fluorite or obsidian (Obsidian is an incredible stone to work with right now because she’s super helpful with softening volcanic emotion). Go to a store that has essential oils and have a sniff around to see what makes you feel better. Be honest with yourself about what you need.

Ask the universe for help being guided to the truths that are trying to emerge now, and listen to your heart as well as you can.

And another thing, just on that relationship front. Mercury is also in Scorpio, urging deep and direct conversations. You still have some time to work with this energy, so if you’re super emotional now it is A-OK to wait until that’s settled a bit. But if you wanna go deep…well, you’re well supported in those efforts.


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